INS is a professional digital vision enterprise, focusing on the field of digital services and delivering visual power to the world.     

INS's services include rendering, animation production, multimedia production, exhibition design, digital exhibition hall, panoramic imaging, etc.


The power of visual works lies in its storytelling and evoking people's hearts. To borrow the words of the visual arts psychologist Arnheim: " Great works of art are complex, but we also praise their simplicity, these works organize rich meaning and form a structural whole of meaning and form on the basis of various details."


According to Arnheim, "All perception contains thinking, all reasoning contains intuition, and all observation contains creation." Every project is a work of art, with a unique story to tell, a special power to pass on, and a special spiritual temperament to express. Each project is not a simple replica, but should be a concentrated embodiment of thought, ideas, and aesthetics, with warmth, and be created under the premise of conforming to real physical attributes.


We have gathered artists with profound backgrounds in architecture, art, new media and visualization technology. The whole team is full of passion, ideas and warmth. The purpose of our team is: professional people do professional things, do every project well, and strive to become a world-class visual team.


What can we offer our customers? There are many reasons why customers choose us, not only because our team is well-produced, but also because of our professionalism, which can put forward our views on different perspectives of the project and provide help and inspiration to customers, so as to better present the design. For example, the understanding of the drawings, the angle of production, the overall atmosphere of the work, etc.


It is particularly important for both parties to have a good communication. Effective communication has a direct impact on the production and progress of the project from some aspects, as well as the degree of pleasant cooperation between both sides. The purpose of our company is to save time and provide customers with a good sense of experience on the premise of excellent products.


We put our customers first and try our best to serve every customer. For us, each customer is unique, we strive to understand the different needs of each customer, hoping to create a cooperative relationship of mutual trust, mutual understanding and mutual appreciation, create value for customers and realize self-improvement.

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